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Dalton Residence Suite Addition - Bradenton, FL

The Dalton Family is like many families that needed space to care for an aging family member, but didn't have the space available in their current home. They are a very tight-knit family, so an assisted living facility was never an option. Fortunately their existing home is located on a large, wooded lot, and they had the space available to build a suite addition.


Their ideal design would blend in with the home's existing character, while providing a resort spa-like retreat that was close enough to the family for emergencies, but far enough away to still provide independence. The resulting studio suite was able to check off every item on the list, and grandma loves it! The color palette was kept neutral, with sloped ceilings and plank tiles to not only lend to the "resort" feeling, but make the small space look as large as possible.


In addition to the required construction drawings, the Dalton's also engaged Dreamcatcher Building Designs for 3-D Rendering services, material selection assistance, and contractor selection assistance. 


Have a project like this that you want to tackle? Give us a call and let us put our experience to work for you.

Before Pictures

3-D Renderings

After Pictures

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