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Riverfront Rehab Project - Bradenton, FL

This home was purchased as an investment rehab property after spending a long time on the market as a foreclosed property. The home had been greatly neglected over the years with little to no updating. The roof was rotted, many of the windows were broken, there were significant issues with electrical and plumbing, and structural issues galore. In addition to these issues, the home was located in a flood zone and below today's required flood elevation, so the total budget of the project could not exceed 50% of the value of the existing building without elevating the home. Several contractors known to Dreamcatcher Building Designs had passed on buying the home, believing it to be beyond saving.


Finally someone came along with the fortitude and determination to make this house a home once again. Together we came up with a comprehensive plan to tackle all of the issues. The home received a new roof (including much of the plywood decking and roof framing), new windows and doors, completely new electrical, new plumbing (from the slab up), new flooring, and a new kitchen. The existing 2-car garage was converted into a spacious master suite, and the den was converted into another bedroom, bringing the total bedrooms from 2 to 4. The existing bath received new fixtures, vanity, and tile; while a new master bath was created in the former oversized laundry room. 


After the project was completed, it was listed for sale. The home sold quickly, see the after photos below to see why!


Have a project like this that you want to tackle? Give us a call and let us put our experience to work for you.

Before Pictures

After Pictures

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